Based in Provo Utah, Vista Apparel is a brand aiming to inspire others to do more, see more, and live more. 

In the dictionary Vista is stated as a “pleasing view,” as well as a “mental view of a succession of remembered, or anticipated events.” As a young, ambitious college student, I frequently find myself looking forward to the future, thinking of what life can eventually be. I oftentimes catch myself daydreaming about the final painted picture of the end goal, where I ultimately want to be in life.

As I envisioned Vista, I wanted to help others create this type of ambitious mindset, to look forward to great things in life. However not only looking to the future, but also living in the present, and enjoying the day to day process.

Vista advocates adventure seeking, go-getters, looking good, and feeling good. With that being said, we absolutely believe that a quiet, lazy, luxurious day never hurt anyone either. 

We offer all-natural, handcrafted, wooden, polarized sunglasses to be your best friend in times of adventure, as well as times of leisure. Our Vista shades promise to bring quality, style, and an affordable price. 

There is so much to explore and experience in life, things to conquer, and relationships to enjoy. Our focus is based on inspiring others to embrace all of these things.

 Now lets see where life takes us, 

Your Vista awaits,

-Perry Davis [CEO & Founder]